Wish Now Offers Easy Integration with ShipStation

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Wish is proud to announce a cool new integration with ShipStation for our merchants. Over the last few months the volume of orders that our merchants process daily has risen dramatically. To help our merchants fulfill their orders promptly and keep our users happy, we went on search for an-easy-to-use shipping tool. ShipStation was a great fit for both us and our merchants.

Transaction Volume over the last few months

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Wish chose ShipStation because of its easy integration, its quality documentation, and its simple interface. The integration process was a snap due to the excellent documentation and simple API that ShipStation provides. Within 2 days we had integrated with their API and had one of our best merchants fulfilling orders via ShipStation. From both an engineering and user standpoint, our integration has gone very smoothly. We think the rest of our merchants will really enjoy this latest addition to the Wish platform.

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Our merchants can now easily process their shipping labels using ShipStaion’s robust, time-saving application to manage orders from over 40 marketplaces and shopping cart platforms like Wish, eBay, Amazon, Magento, and Shopify. Within ShipStation, you can define automation rules, filters, and profiles to make the copy-and-paste, cut out with scissors procedures you might use today look like the Stone Age of order and shipment management. So what about those hundreds of orders from Wish? ShipStation will help you sort, process, and ship them all in a flash!

If you interested in adding ShipStation to your merchant arsenal, you can sign up for their 30-day free trial today and see just how amazing your life could be. Those who already have ShipStation accounts can add their Wish merchant info with just a few clicks. Login or sign up at www.shipstation.com.


Christine & Josh